The GCC Association for Renewable Energy and Sustainability (Green Gulf) is a non-profit and professional association dedicated to promoting renewable energy and sustainability policies and industries in the GCC region. Green Gulf is dedicated to promoting green initiatives, programs and developing international cooperations to support its mission. The GCC region shares many common goals:


  • Economies based on conventional energy
  • The ambitions of renewable energy and the requirements of localization industries and knowledge
  • Shared Grid and Electricity Network infrastructure
  • Electrical standards and specifications,
  • Training and education needs
  • Privatization policies and investment needs

Green Gulf Association works in partnership with the leading and specialized associations in the Middle East,  and the world.



To become one of the leading international organizations in the field of renewable energy and sustainability.



Promote green initiatives, sustainability, industries and investment in the GCC region, in partnership with regional and international organizations.



Green Gulf is interested in the following fields and domains

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Recycling
  • Environment and Sustainability


  • Organizing  conferences, seminars, and networking events
  • Organizing of specialized courses
  • Establish a directory of companies, organizations and related organizations
  • Develop reports and studies on the renewable energy market and sustainability techniques
  • Career development and job portal